Thursday, August 16, 2007

At Netflix, Victory for Voices Over Keystrokes

Service continues to be a popular subject for me. I was once told, people barely remember good service, but they never forget bad service. I think of the stories I like to tell, and some of the most interesting revolve around a bad service experience and how I resolved it. In fact, I have far more bad experiences to share, than good ones. The exception, of course is exceptional service. Because it is so rare, I do feel compelled to share those stories and in fact go the extra distance to tell others about it.

So reading that Netflix has gone to people power instead of automation, is good at first blush. But to keep the experience exceptional, Netflix needs to also do these things: remember the customer comes first, empower the service rep to resolve quickly, empathy works and rewards works better. Give the customer back more than they expect and they will share that "rare" experience with others. Over deliver!