Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3-D, Bust or Boon?

One of the timeless jokes I have heard reminds me of 3-D. What is the secret of comedy? And before the person can answer, you blurt out, comedy. So may be the issue facing 3-D. It may just not be the right time for 3-D.

Telephones continue to push the value of video calls. It has been the future of phones for too long. But now with Skype and Facetime on the iPhone, the timing may have finally met the product. With 3-D TV set, the same may be true, the interest hasn't matched the product...yet. "'New television technologies have always taken time to be nurtured and grow, and this is no exception,' a network rep tells The Post. 'We're where we thought we would be 14 months in, if not farther along.'" I happen to agree with that statement. Certainly ESPN and Discovery haven't backed away from it, nor are Hollywood studios. Both Spielberg and Scorsese are directing theatrical 3-D blockbusters. Sports and movies are big drivers of new technology. The Porn industry has also been a big driver of new technology. It spurred DVD sales, on demand, and the web. Should the porn industry also push 3-D films, then I can only imagine that the future for CE manufacturers will get brighter.

I also suspect that there is a next generation of devices needed that may require a new TV set, but not need special glasses to view. As I wear glasses myself, it is the one thing I dislike needing when watching a theatrical 3-D movie. Without glasses, my personal enjoyment would increase immensely.

And back to timing. No doubt the economy has had a strong impact on sales of 3-D technology. I believe that has had a great effect on sales. As consumers replace their sets today, 3-D may fall into that luxury they are not ready to pay up for. 3-D has a future; the question remains, timing.