Thursday, November 8, 2007

Data: U.S. Internet Advertising to Double to $42 Billion Over Next Four Years

Why are the writers striking - well with announcements about the growth of internet advertising, it's no doubt that everyone, writers included, want their "fair share" of the pie. Still,the number not mentioned is the overall growth of advertising spent, regardless of where. Does more choices for viewing, TV, DVD, broadband, mobile, equate to growth of viewing or simply redistribution of the same pie? Are the dollars moving to internet coming from something else? Is the overall growth simply inflation? My advice to both parties, find a fair % of the action regardless of the distribution method. You get paid a lot, the percentage is bigger; if you say there is no revenue, the percentage of nothing remains nothing.

Yes the times are different and consumers can flock to other resources to be entertained. But quality content still requires quality writing. How long this strike will take will depend on how soon the viewer gets bored with user generated and amateur videos and keeps asking for new fresh professional content on these new distribution outlets.