Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hulu to officially launch

Tomorrow should be the official opening day for Hulu. For those that have been following Hulu in beta mode, you have had access to its site for quite a while. It offers a terrific player with great audio and video quality. At the same time, it is filled with commericals, whether you are snacking on clips or full length episodes. And it tends to show only a couple full length episodes of a series at a time. Missed last Saturday's SNL, sorry, you only get 4 clips of the show. Can't get access to Hulu, don't worry, its also on The site also gives the fan additional backstage videos and a chance to comment.

So should Hulu do a better job of linking the content of each show back to the core site. And how can these sites help to push users back to watch the show on TV. We seem to be scratching the surface with the potential of the web; still its ability to interact with its audience and create ways to push and pull them to other sites is still missing. For example, place a contest on the web site to count the number of times a certain performer appears or says a certain phrase on the next show. Push them to watch. or add a link after the parody of the Bravo show to the actual show. It may help drive new viewership.