Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Content is King For Sirius XM

Sirius XM recognizes that exclusive content is what best differentiates. It has worked with Howard Stern, with NFL, and MLB, and now with college football. "With the most recent college sports content announcement Sirius XM touted that they are the leaders in college sports radio broadcasting. There is little doubt about this since the company will be broadcasting virtually every game that happens. Again, this is great news for consumers." And as some content requires a premium subscription, there is anticipation of more revenue coming in. Given the rabid nature of college football fans, I can only expect that many will succumb and pay.

Is There An Apple iPad Killer And Will It Be The Amazon Tablet?

Apple has been enjoying quite a bit of success from its tablet. No other competitor has come close to the iPad; in fact, HP, quickly built one and then discontinued it. The iPad is even considered more valuable than an HD TV set, even with 3D. Still, it may not mean that the iPad is unbeatable. Companies love to play "king of the hill" and work to claim the top spot.

And one such competitor is Amazon with a new tablet that is expected to take the Apple iPad head on. According to Fred Wilson, investor and principal at Union Square Ventures, "'What we all want is a hybrid of the two -- a Kindle that is a full-blown tablet computer with a browser, apps, and an OS," Wilson added. "It looks like Amazon is going to bring that to market this fall ... It looks like a killer product.'" It is ultimately the success of the Google Android operating system, along with the arrival of more applications to enhance engagement, that can enable Amazon to sell an expected 3 - 5 million tablets.

Obviously Apple's iPad has a strong head star, with over 30 million sold. Still, every time a next generation device comes out, consumers experience obsolescence and the need to upgrade to the latest. If the Amazon tablet exceeds expectation, they can draw from the Apple user base. And so what we can possible see from Apple and Amazon will be a cat and mouse game with each outdoing the other with more innovation, better features and more benefits. It should be fun to watch. And it's a battle I'd love to join.