Saturday, July 21, 2007

Should cellphones be technology agnostic?

Google makes some interesting points as they seek out an opportunity to join the wireless fray. Televisions work with any cable provider, computers work with any high speed provider, why shouldn't any cellphone work across any wireless provider. This open model approach had it been in effect today would have caused the Apple iPhone to be available across all wireless platforms.

So what does Google have to gain from an open architecture. The initial answer is advertising to into the wireless platform and the the consumer might gain with reduced wireless fees for more messaging. Perhaps also, such openness would enable more applications to be built that could more effortless tie in the pc and the phone. As Google doesn't have a cellphone or pc to sell, owning the consumer on multiple screens may prove more lucrative than we may think. It be interesting to learn what else is up Google's sleeves.

Google continues to lead the convergence revolution and it will be fascinating to see if the FCC will approve Google's wireless license. Their argument is a good one and seems in the consumers best interest. But can the wireless industry move down that path?