Monday, June 9, 2014

Apple More Affordable For Small Investor

Unfortunately, perhaps, for many lovers of the Apple brand, it was more expensive to own 1 share of Apple stock, then an iPod, iPhone, or even a iPad.  But today, the small investor, who likes owning shares of companies that they are passionate about will be able to own Apple, too.  With the 7 for stock split, the price for a share of Apple stock goes from just under $650 to just over $90.  Given the interest in future Apple wearable products plus a dividend rate of about 2%, an investment in Apple likely means a better rate of return than a savings or money market account and hopefully a continued growth in the share price. 

While nothing is guaranteed, the small investor might be thrilled.  Of course these are the same kind of investors who like to purchase share of Tesla because of the appeal of the car or Microsoft because of the Xbox.  Perhaps they buy shares in Lulu because they like the clothing. It may not be smart investing all the time, but many put their investments where their brand engagement is concerned.