Monday, May 14, 2012

Should Apple Make A Television Set?

Yes, Apple revolutionized the digital music space and yes, Apple, did the same with the tablet business, and yes, Apple owns the smartphone space too; but, does Apple really want to become a TV manufacturer?  Sony, Sharp, Panasonic and others are all having horrible years because of the tablet and smartphone space.  So is the TV set space the ideal market to enter?

Could Apple best be served concentrating on their Apple TV box?  Can Apple truly make enough content deals with cable networks to get access to their best programming?  And will consumers trade out their current Hi Def screens for an Apple TV set.  Consumers haven't embraced 3D.  And connected sets are working as a result of other boxes like Xbox and Wii.  Can Apple really revolutionize the TV manufacturing space?

Here's Johnny, Carson Back For One Night

I miss Johnny Carson.  He was water cooler television.  His Tonight Show was the epitome of late night talk.  So  I am excited to watch tonight's premiere on PBS of American Masters showcasing the career and life of Johnny Carson.  Talk about appointment television.

People loved to talk about who was on the Tonight Show and what they watched.  One of Johnny's idols and mine too, Jack Benny, gave Carson great advice.  Let your guests be funny.  Johnny followed Jack's style of the long pause, but never tried to out joke his guests.  The results were great television.  Yes, the guests got the greater laughs but everyone who watched always  referred to what happened on Carson's show. Johnny knew how to interview a guest and how to get the best out of them.   He, like Benny, really understood comic timing.  But as I am sure this documentary will show, there is more to Johnny Carson than what we saw on TV.

Watch Johnny and Ed on PBS. See more from American Masters.

So for those, like me, that miss Johnny Carson, this documentary may bring us back to those golden days and provide us richer context about the man.