Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Apple TV Box Seeks Content Deals

Apple  may finally be putting more emphasis into its Apple TV box rather than building its own smart TV.  It seems they are ramping up their content deals and thinking more about working with cable operators than against them.  Adding authenticated cable subscription content like HBO GO and WatchESPN was the first step, negotiating with Time Warner Cable to enable the Apple TV device to receive authenticated access of its lineup is the next leap.  "Bloomberg said the companies expect to announce the deal 'within a few months,' adding that Apple has likewise hired Pete Distad from Hulu to help Apple strike deals with media and cable companies. " 

I believe that Apple TV can represent an import revenue stream for Apple and make the device an indispensable device for any home that also is an iTunes customer.  Connectivity and ease of use with iPads, iPods, and iPhones to search and watch lay the ground work for an improved experience, one that cable operators, like Time Warner Cable, desperately need.  Their current cable boxes are clunky and outdated; an Apple TV box with a cloud DVR and on demand access could be the ideal arrangement.