Friday, September 28, 2007

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

An amazing story. His quote "Bricks are there for a reason: they let us know how badly we want things." So true, when things come too easy, we don't respect what we have. And regardless how good or bad things are, life is precious. His stories truly reflect the notion that one shouldn't sweat the small stuff. And when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! His honesty is real. An amazing man

His full lecture can be found on You Tube. Well worth watching.

CBS Creates 'EyeLab' To Woo Web Surfers

CBS splits from Viacom and it seems to be good news for that side of the company. CBS's efforts prove to me that they understand the space and are embracing the advantages that the web brings to compliment, rather than replace, their TV model. Additive programming built around shows, seem to me to be an ideal way to enhance the show's value, encourage more viewership of the TV show, and create synergistic revenue opportunities. Not clear in the article is how CBS plans to monetize the clips they have created, but I am confident that they have a business plan.

I also expect that they are not discounting the viewer interest in on-demand viewing of their long form programs. As the viewer has become more mobile and scattered, they may not have the time to come to the show. On demand and on line content enables the viewer to watch the programs and clips on their times and not per the whims of a network schedule.