Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Have We Finally Seen The End Of The Yellow Pages On Our Doorstep

They still get delivered to our door but for how much longer.  The last time they have been opened or even touched is when I recycle the older one and replace it with the recent arrival.  Today, any searches for information is online and the  yellow pages directory has become a distant memory.  "But now Yell wants to go one step further. Like so many other fundamentally challenged businesses, it wants to break with the past and move on, by rebranding the company 'Hibu'."

It seems that the Yellow Pages, or the various names that it has been called, has been dead for quite a while.  Online websites have not only provided me with the names and numbers of businesses that I needed to call, some sites have also provided "local" recommendations based on user message boards and feedback.  Convenient and helpful.

While I have not been able to control the curbside delivery of the yellow pages, I have been able to feed it directly to my recycle bin.  For me, the yellow page transition has been too little, too late.  Can they start from scratch to recapture this lost marketplace; doubtful.