Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Suburbuzz Announcement in The Item of Millburn NJ

Local women create a 'buzz' with their Web site

Check Suburbuzz out!

Wall Street Journal Goes Mobile On Your Blackberry

In what is sure to be the first of many similar announcements, that Wall Street Journal will provide free viewing of its articles and news, tying in its various websites, and monetizing it with ads. As they test the waters, they may try to find a subscription model, but competition from other news organizations may prevent that model from building. WSJ is not the first to announce a mobile relationship. "Earlier this year, The Associated Press launched an ad-supported service with more than 100 member newspapers to make news stories available on Apple Inc.'s iPhone and other mobile devices."

WIll users prefer reading their news on a blackberry screen? Will this deal be content exclusive to blackberry? Or will users start to carry other devices like the Kindle for their full reading enjoyment? Regardless of which device ends up getting the market share, the direction remains clear. Readers are switching from subscriptions to web and mobile for their news. This is where the WSJ needs to be.