Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Online Distribution Can Help All Audiences Grow

Robert Iger clearly embraces new media and recognizes that it doesn't replace TV but enhances its value.

“More mature platforms can still generate a lot of value, including the big-screen movie experience in the theater,” he added. “That value actually grows because of new media, because what you do is you introduce it to the world on a traditional platform and you use new media to reach more people and create more dimensions.”

The younger demo is embracing the entertainment value of the computer, but it can co-exist with the "old media" TV experience, especially with the advent of High Definition. Disney has been buying social networks like Club Penguin and successfully taking its content and merchandising it across multiple platforms. With 2 small kids watching Disney and playing online and listening to their songs, we have become a Disney family on all platforms. And don't think we won't be going to the movies when High School Musical 3 is distributed, too.

The distribution platforms may shift and change, but the content, if it is compelling, will continue to be consumed.

It's Hulu, not Hula

What's in a name. I can't tell you how many people have found my blog because they mistyped Hula instead of Hulu. Will this help or hurt this new venture, I don't know. But I will continue to link to the correct site so that you are able to see what all the news is about.

Enjoy the shows, access to old as well as to new series. Catch up during your lunch time, when you have the time to watch TV in your office. For those of us with kids, time in the evening to watch TV gets shorter and shorter, so online viewing gives another opportunity to watch those shows we miss. At the same time, it clearly impacts worker effectiveness at their desk. Some might argue that it simply replaces other distractions like online games, personal phone calls, and other non-productive activities.

Advertising is what pays for this accessibility. But will it also kill the golden goose. Will viewers put up with the mix presented or will they avoid these sites for others whose ads are less intrusive. And can these ads be shown in ways that don't destroy the experience or have some interest with the viewer. Blinkx believes it has the technology as do other companies like How tolerant will the user be?

How will big business react to Hulu as the increased bandwidth affects servers at the office. Will their be backlash. While it is too early to tell, it will be fascinating to watch this cause and effect.