Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boxee Encouraging Cord Cutting

While the economy and poor housing market have been repeatedly cited as reasons for consumers to downgrade or cut their services, there is still a desire to watch TV. Boxee has developed an alternative to the cable box to provide a cheaper choice for web and broadcast viewing. They are "preparing a new add-on product in January that will let users pull out the cable cord and plug a USB device into their cable box, giving them access to broadcast TV channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC for free."

You pay a one time fee to purchase the box and USB add-on and no more monthly cable charges. Unfortunately, consumers will have to pay for broadband access. And costs for broadband access are higher than when they are bundled with other cable services. Ultimately, we still pay.

So while Boxee remains a choice, so does switching cable providers and haggling for better pricing. We like the variety and quantity available on cable and thatmakes it hard to turn off completely. In a tough economy, we all become more astute consumers seeking out better choices and lower prices.