Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Screen vs Little Screen

Today, I met a person who said he didn't own a TV. He relied on the web for his news and public establishments when watching a game. And does he watch episodes through players like Hulu, I asked. Not really, was his reply.

I happened to watch a :30 Rock episode recently on Hulu, and while I like the quality of the video, I missed the intimacy of watching on a bigger screen TV. if I could have watched the same video on VOD, I would prefer that format. But I wonder if I am unique in my preferences. And until the big screen TV is simply a monitor for streams from the computer, how I differentiate the two.

I see Hulu and You Tube as a secondary way to stay close to my favorite shows. There value to promote the brand, not replace. It keeps you close to the show until the next episode is ready to air and lets funny, or interesting, water cooler moments be shared across the web.

Let's get this writers strike settled, let's get everyone back to work, and let's put on great content.