Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Verizon Wireless Reaches Deal in Marketing Probe

Interesting to note that as we are dismayed to learn that Comcast may have affected downloads of large files, that trend may not be limited to cable. On the wireless front, Verizon, which had been advertising an unlimited usage plan, also limited high bandwidth usage of its service. ANd while they have agreed to reimburse customers for their false advertising, Verizon has not agreed to end the practice.

As consumers become more adept in their understanding of the wire and wireless space, and content owners offer larger, higher bandwidth programs and files, the communication highway will get more and more crowded. Customers want net neutrality to assure that all content can get through to them; service providers want more bandwidth to handle the content and more rights to manage the utilization of the pipeline. Can both sides co-exist? Movie downloads, HD formats, bigger files - it will only get more crowded. How the highway is managed will be a growing issue.