Thursday, March 7, 2013

Has Facebook Gotten Boring?

Question, are you still a Facebook fan?  Do you go on as often as you did 6 months ago?  Are you posting as much as then?  Or have we all gotten a little bored with Facebook.  I ask because today another change is being made to the Facebook screen.  "Reports from various technology news sites expect Facebook to introduce a new image-enhanced version of the News Feed for the Web and for mobile phones"  And while they tell us that users are posting more, I am skeptical.

Perhaps it is because I represent an older demographic and I am seeing less postings from myself and my "friends".  I still check my Facebook, but I find myself doing it less and less.  I think it has become most useful in easily wishing others Happy Birthday on their special day.  But I have become less enthralled by it.  I just wonder if I am alone in that point of view.

I do like keeping up on my friends and their activities, where they are, what they are up to; but I feel that the clutter from suggested posts and other ads make it harder to get to what I really care about.  Sure I like to play the games through Facebook, but I don't feel the need to either share my score with the world or know what word a friend may have played in a game I am not competing with them in.

I may not be completely over Facebook, but any changes that only build more clutter may just turn me off for good.


  1. I feel like this is the monetization challenge. When new sites or products launch and grow because they are popular and create or fill a new need in the market, everything is great until...there is greater need for monetization. Online video is like this, and Facebook has been under a lot of pressure to do this since going public. Some platforms, like cable TV have become so cluttered with growing ad loads that paying subscribers are willing to actually pay more for the ability to skip ads (DVR). At the same time entirely new options are quickly growing to compete but as they mature they too will be equally monetized with unskipable ads and potentially more is a function of business.