Tuesday, January 5, 2016

If Self Driving Cars Like Automated Voice Answering, Then We Are In Trouble

I can't tell you how many times I ask for a "Representative" when engaging with a company's voice answering system.  They are more likely to waste your time trying to get to the right information then they are being useful.  And ultimately I need a human being to accomplish the task I am calling about.  Too much automation restricts innovation.

So with talk turning to self driving cars, I wonder what happens without a human connection.  A self driving car may handle a highway or help with parking, but the human assist is equally important. Construction on roadways, mistaken objects for animals and vice versa, and other out of the ordinary circumstances.  While computer assist provides added safety; solo it may not.  The human driver brings something a machine cannot 100% replicate. 

But with so much investment in self driving vehicles, insurance companies will be quick to sell self driving passenger insurance to each and every human being.  Mistakes will occur and "self driver" insurance may be the only way to compensate for blame.   

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