Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Apple Continues To Impress

Despite worries that iPhone sales may not exceed expectations, the company continues to demonstrate that it is more than a one trick pony.  According to a new study by Juniper Research, the Apple Watch "estimates 17.1 million smartwatches shipped globally last year, with the Apple Watch accounting for 51.5 percent of shipments — or 8.8 million devices sold."  Yes more than half of all global smartwatches sold is an Apple Watch.  And the smartwatch business is still a nascent growing new industry.

The second bit of good news announced recently is that its new streaming music venture, Apple Music, has passed 10 million subscribers in only 6 months of business according to Financial Times.  And according to the article, Apple Music could possibly surpass its main competition Spotify in 2 years.  Not a bad business model to be in, one with a measurable, regular monthly revenue stream.

Of course there is always the next generation iPhone, the new iPad Pro, the push to the Apple TV, and perhaps an inkling in the future of a possible Apple Car.  Apple is clearly Not a company resting on its past laurels. 

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