Thursday, September 27, 2012

Web Viewing On TV Most Popular - Really?

When I saw this article in All Things D, I thought I was reading an article from 2015 and not 2012.  That viewers are watching more and more web video is not to be questioned; but, if you were to guess which device was most popular, you would never guess that TV leads all devices for web video viewing.  "Consumer-tracking service NPD says TV sets are now the most popular way to watch streaming video.
NPD says 45 percent of consumers report that TV is now their primary Web video screen, up from 33 percent last year."  According to the chart, TV ranks first while computer is farther behind.

Unfortunately, I find this research hard to believe.  Not that the connected TV will inevitably be the choice of viewing, but that it already surpasses mobile devices.  And as I look at the chart, I ask, where are smartphones and iPods? And tablets at 1% is a number that makes me scratch my head too.  In my house, I have both an Xbox and a connected blu ray, but they are still used for gaming and dvds, not web video viewing.

And here is another questionable stat, "NPD says the most popular service for viewing Web content on TV is Netflix, with 40 percent of connected TV watchers using the service."  I don't doubt that Netflix  rules the roost, I simply question the research as to the device that is being used to watch these movies.  So I take the research as it is given and I wait to hear from other researchers to validate or disprove this study.

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