Thursday, September 27, 2012

TiVo Gains On Cable Boxes, Declines On Standalone

The future of TiVo cannot rest solely on winning legal fights; rather, it must survive on subscriber growth.  And it seems, that TiVo is doing well on both counts.  With the signing of Mediacom, TiVo now has access to their million video customer base to rollout TiVo DVR boxes starting next year.  More importantly, TiVo saw growth in its most recent quarter.  "For the quarter ended July 31, TiVo added 230,000 net subscribers. It was the company's fourth consecutive quarter of positive subscriber growth, again driven by gains at Virgin Media, which surpassed 1 million TiVo subscribers in July. TiVo-owned subscribers declined by 23,000, to 1.06 million, while operator subs increased 253,000, to 1.66 million."  But as the figures show, the future is aligning with cable operators, not working around them.  The addition of Mediacom is a good start, a deal with Verizon FIOS is better.

Ultimately, the future for TiVo is to get a better partnership with both Comcast Cable and Time Warner Cable.  Together, those  two cable operators wield the largest control.  Getting their agreement to rollout TiVo on their cable boxes will be the icing on the cake for TiVo.

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