Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TiVo Gains From Lawsuits But What About Subs

TiVo is guaranteeing itself a nice annual revenue stream, but it seems to be coming from lawsuit wins and settlements.  The Dish victory is well known and now a settlement from Verizon keeps their momentum of protecting their intellectual license alive.  Remaining lawsuits with Time Warner Cable, Google, and Cisco may feel their best course of action will also be to settle rather than fight.

But what about the TiVo DVR product?  What does subscriber growth look like?  The product is great, but without a growing base, a long term business it is not.  It is now time to hear more about the cable deals and how TiVo will be sold and marketed to cable customers.  When will Comcast push out a TiVo DVR?  Like a tree falling in the forest, it is time to hear the fall.  TiVo is a great product that too many people don't know what they are missing.

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