Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Can Microsoft Find New Success?

A lot has been said these days about Microsoft and its attempt to adapt to a changing digital universe.  First they bought Yammer to make inroads in the social media space.  At the same time, their ad network purchase about five years ago, aQuantive, is proving to be a failed investment.  Now they are trying to compete in the mobile space with their own smartphone and tablet, Surface. But can they win against Google and Apple?

Not according to an ex Microsoft employee.  His take on the future of Microsoft sounds bleak.  "The not-so-flattering portrayal, titled “Microsoft’s Lost Decade,” is spun in next month’s Vanity Fair. The issue lands July 10." It sounds like it could be a very interesting read.

Yes Microsoft has been slow to market with new products.  Unlike others, they chose to keep with their current product line and have missed out on being ahead of new trends.  But given the ever changing fickleness of the consumer and Microsoft's efforts to regain the lead, there may be a chance.  As Microsoft knows so well, leaders sometimes fail to keep ahead of the curve.  It happened to Microsoft like it happened to RIM and others.  Even Netflix stumbled but seems to have bounced back.  Should Apple and Google stumble, an opening could emerge for Microsoft to rebound.  IF.

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