Tuesday, July 3, 2012

QR Codes Coming to Books

The mighty QR (quick response) code is expanding its reach as book publisher Simon and Schuster will begin adding it to the back cover of its hard and soft cover books.  With the QR code, mobile enabled readers will be able to access  "' the author’s mobile page on S& where they can sign up for an email, browse the author’s other books and watch video'” according to their chief digital officer Ellie Hirschhorn.  But will it be successful?

Will print readers want this information, is it useful to their needs, or have they already decided, by not switching to an e-reader, that  they don't need today a connection between digital and print.  The challenge will be to communicate to the reader that their is real value being offered online, worthy of their time to scan and view.  I believe it has to be more robust than what was announced in the article.  For customers willing to link, how about a coupon to a discount to their next purchase of and S&S book or a link to a download of a movie.  The need for added value is essential to demonstrate a purpose for readers to actually read the QR code.  Still the challenge may be to make certain that they aren't being scanned prior to purchase so that the  value is there after the book sale.

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