Monday, July 9, 2012

Has Digital Download Killed The Record Album?

The iPod might have saved the overall music industry by pushing song sales at a low price, but it may not have been a boon to the whole song album.  Single sales are increasing but album sales are down.  "Year-to-date cross-format album unit sales dipped by 3.2 percent (U.S.) and 13.8 percent (UK), according to figures released this week by Nielsen SoundScan and British Phonographic Industry."

Perhaps given the nature of digital, it is time to stop selling albums and start selling a different packaging of songs, combining song with video, photo album, concert footage, and other digital pieces into a whole new type of album.  Why does an album have  to be just a collection of songs.  It is time to redefine the album concept as a means to help push up growth.

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