Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Lost iPhone A Big Deal?

Normally a lost iPhone is no big deal; just go to the store and buy another one. But when it is a prototype of a next generation phone, it could be a problem. The worst kept secret was that a next generation iPhone would be release; the best kept secret, until yesterday, was what modifications would be made. "From the front, it looks similar to the current iPhone, but it has sharper edges and is a little thinner. The volume and power buttons are stylistically different, and the back of the phone appears to be a ceramic glass, which would enable better reception. That would address a persistent problem that has plagued the iPhone since its inception three years ago."

And while it may at first blush feel like a nightmare, it may, in fact, be a marketing coup. I for one, am now more excited about getting an iPhone. I only wish that the news included more exact dates when it would be made available on the Verizon network. And while Steve Jobs may be angry that his security was compromised, I am confident that he will turn lead into gold, marketing gold! And so take your lumps to get your prototype returned. But in the long run, the Apple brand continues to represent the pinnacle of what a mobile device offers.

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