Monday, April 19, 2010

BlackArrow Nabs Strategic Investment from NDS

Lots of talk about advertising in the mobile space, less so about the VOD space. But as more people watch on demand, making sure the ads inside the programs are relevant is a big job. And to switch out on the fly and target to the household is the biggest opportunity. "BlackArrow is best known for being able to dynamically insert targeted ads into video-on-demand platforms, and has signed up customers like Comcast an Fox Cable Networks to do so. Without technology like BlackArrow’s, adds that appear in cable VOD systems are typically stitched into the video itself, which limits the flexibility of the ads that can appear."

In the last few years, Black Arrow has been developing these tools and with the latest round of funding from NDS seem ready to finally break through. And as this application can apply to VOD, DVR, and other broadband streams, the opportunities only grow. Providing one trafficking system that can do it all (VOD, DVR, linear broadcast and cable TV and broadband video services) should be an economic boon to cable and broadband content providers that distribute programming.

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