Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dish Files To Trademark 'TV Everywhere'

It's one thing to enable convergence of video across platforms, another thing to name it. Building a brand around the concept may simply be the first step. And with that in mind, Dish is quick to try and trademark the "TV Everywhere" banner. Will cable let go easily? "As outlined by Time Warner Inc. CEO Jeff Bewkes, for example, 'TV Everywhere' encompasses Web-based video services available only to pay-TV subscribers provided through cable, satellite or telco TV operators in cooperation with programmers. Dish representatives would not say whether the company is developing a service along those lines." That definition certainly goes beyond Dish's plan with Slingbox. Does Dish have a legal leg to stand on or is the definition already considered generic and not accessible to branding.

Obviously, there are plenty of other ways to brand the ability to watch TV programming across multiple non TV devices. Quick, get the marketer creative juices going. My suggestions: 1. TV Anywhere (too obvious); 2. TV2GO; 3. V2G; 4. GoTv; 5. TVWWW or TVWyW (TV What you Want, Where you want, When you Want). 6. TV On Demand; 7. TV Yourway

Love to hear your suggestions for cable to replace the TV Everywhere name with a brand they can own.

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