Monday, November 9, 2009

Comcast - NBCU; What Will Vivendi Do?

The acquisition of NBCU by Comcast continues to move closer as the two parties seemed to have agreed on valuing the deal at 30 billion dollars. Sounds like a lot of money, but for Vivendi, it would represent less than they hoped. "A $30 billion valuation would put Vivendi’s part at $6 billion, which would still be shy of the $6.3 billion it is said to think its share should be worth." Hasn't anyone told Vivendi that when their is a seller motivated deal, the seller tends to get less than they desire, just to get rid of their asset. Heck, it's real estate 101.

Will Vivendi take the deal? Does a Comcast-NBCU deal make sense? Would the FCC even let Comcast own the asset or would they have to quickly spin off the broadcast piece to a separate entity? For those that simply like putting together M&A deals, they must be in seventh heaven. For those on the sideline watching the outcome, sometimes deals are just bad and should be avoided. If Comcast just wants the cable networks, this deal certainly is a complicated way to get what you desire. Scripps just picked up Travel with little fanfare and other cable networks are out there to be plucked. Seems a lot of work for Bravo, USA, Sci Fi, Oxygen, and others.

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