Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LinkedIn and Twitter link up - and Linkedin may have jumped the shark

According to reports, Twitter and Linked in have linked up enabling users to broadcast each others services on their respective sites. "Allen Blue, a co-founder of Twitter who is its vice president of product strategy, said LinkedIn members would be able to automatically post recent Tweets if they wanted." Perhaps good for Twitter as it adds more objective information, but does it jump the shark for Linked in? I have grown to like Linked in more and Twitter less; I find myself with less to post, but appreciate reading linked in posts of new connections made, groups joined, and updated news on their resume. I care much less what they ate for lunch or where they ate it. I'll let Twitter do that and not "check the box" to share the data on linked in. And I appreciate the same option NOT to read others' Tweets on my Linked in home page. Otherwise, Linked In will get too congested and stop working effectively for me. And it will have "Jumped The Shark".

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