Monday, August 1, 2016

What Is The Apple Content Strategy?

What does Apple really want to do with their content business?  Do they want to simply distribute or do they have interest in owning original content?  Is Apple Music a competitive threat to Spotify and Pandora?  And can Apple TV be a better choice than other platforms for OTT subscription services?  So are the many questions that just scratch the surface of what is Apple's content strategy.

It has left many to wonder if Apple will buy Tidal to its Apple Music business.  Is acquiring content like Carpool Karaoke really a property to differentiate Apple Music?  And is there a connection to Apple TV?  There seems to be lacking a material strategy to show what Apple wants to do in the content space.  It just might take a definitive acquisition to show the public its cards. 

I say make a play for Viacom, and let MTV, Comedy Central, and Showtime be your anchors.  Make a play for Time Warner and its stable of Turner Networks and Warner Bros.  With these networks and libraries of content, Apple would quickly build a library of content and be a player in the content space. 

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