Friday, July 29, 2016

Amazon Shows Real Growth

The US Economy may be sputtering, but not Amazon.  Its online retail business, its cloud business, its subscription business all are growing in double digit figures.  And Wall Street seems to be happy with how Amazon spends its money too.  Per the NBC New report, they are building more distribution centers, investing in more online content, and spending where it matters to drive future growth and profitability. 

And while I have seen little about how well its products are selling, Kindles, Echos, etc., the infrastructure is expanding to manage it.  Where Amazon expects to be in 5 or 10 years remains to be seen.  Will its cloud business be the catalyst for future growth or is online retail the centerpiece of its empire?  And what future diversification is in store for the company?  For now, Jeff Bezos, CEO, isn't revealing his hand; but, he surely has some aces under his sleeve. 

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