Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Verizon Tries Again with Streaming Content

For those that recall, Verizon has tried its hand at streaming media already.  Their service was called Redbox Instant, a partnership with the grocery store red box DVD rental service, to compete head to head with Netflix.  Redbox Instant was dropped almost a year ago.  Today, another streaming service has been announced.  Called Go90, it is a mobile app for the phone to stream video content.  The 90 refers to turning the screen 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal for optimal viewing and the GO aligns itself to other streaming services like HBO GO .  But this video service is not built to compete with premium content like Netflix or HBO; rather, it seems set to offer more basic cable type of video fare. 

Also different from the Redbox Instant model, Go90 is being delivered ad-supported, with no subscription price, to to anyone with a smartphone.  While Verizon customers may get an optimal experience, others will hopefully also receive a reliable video stream.  Will Go90 be a cable killer, unlikely.  I suspect that most of the content will be older in nature.  It will certainly help those that prefer mobile viewing with more content at their disposal.  Will Go90 be a financial success; that too will remain to be seen. 

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