Monday, September 7, 2015

Next Generation Apple TV

Apple's big formal public announcement is still two days away, but rumor, speculation, anonymous sources, and more are providing enough fodder to keep us intrigued.  We expect another update to the iOS operating system, a next model iPhone, a slightly larger iPad (perhaps ideal for enterprise customers) and finally a new generation Apple TV set top box. 

But as we have always learned, a TV box is more than just hardware, it needs content to run it as well.  And for it to be successful, exclusive content that only works on the device.  For that, various articles, including today's NY Times, expects gaming to be that hook.  Are we expecting Pong to make an appearance, literally one of the first games for the TV set.  Or will we get something that makes wanting to play a mobile game better suited for the TV set and not the iPad or iPhone.  Certainly not Candy Crush or Angry Birds, I hope. 

Siri is expected to play a bigger part on the hardware side of the Apple TV along with a new remote.  As much as it is nice to control the TV set from your iPad or iPhone, there are times when changing the channel and using these devices are mutually exclusive.  And switching back and forth from 2 applications not enjoyable.  Perhaps not a big deal but good to have options on different ways to control the functions of the box. 

Will a refreshed Apple TV start to take market share away from Roku, Google Chromecast, or other OTT boxes?  Apple will need more than gaming and the rumor mill says they have yet to get enough content to create a subscription service to match Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu.  To this I continue to say it may be time to buy, not build from scratch.  More will be learned in just a couple days.  Perhaps we will also get some more surprises out of Apple.  And if the announcement excites many, a good Holiday Season may be in our future. 

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