Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is Apple Music Successful

Despite the high competition in subscription music between Pandora and Spotify, Apple felt that there might just be an opening for them as well.  Seeing that itunes purchases of music were at risk, Apple created Apple Music to offset the purchase revenue model with a subscription one.  Apple seems to have no problem recognizing the need to shift as they did with the entry of the iPhone, knowing it would hurt future iPod sales.

And many believe that Apple Music is already a success with 15 million users signed into the free period.  That free trial ends in 9 days and we can only watch and wait to hear how many start to pay.  According to the NY Post article, if a third convert to pay, then Apple Music is successful.  So far half of the trial base has yet to turn off the auto pay feature.  If they all convert, 7.5 million users would make this new business a very successful launch.

Content is King and Howard Stern likes to tell us that he is the King Of All Media.  That being the case, Apple Music might want to sign him up onto their subscription service.  He did wonders for Sirius and could do the same for Apple. 

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