Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another Inane Commercial That Makes You Wonder

If you have been reading my blog, every now and then I come across an inane ad that makes me cringe.  From the 'Vacation' Infiniti ad to the FIOS ad to the silly TD Bank ad.  Well the latest one seems to beat them all so far.  It involves a dad with his young son racing a school bus to get to school.  It seems that driving a Nissan Altima can help you outrace a school bus... WHAT????? The premise not only makes no sense it defies any logic or rational thinking.  Does Nissan want us to believe that they don't think much about safety?  There is nothing aspirational, beneficial, or even informational about why a Nissan Altima would become your preferred car to drive.  And frankly, it lacks any humor to even offset the serious consequences of what they are presenting.

If you haven't seen this atrocious ad, take a look:

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