Wednesday, August 12, 2015

AT&T and DirecTv Offer The Double Play

Now that AT&T and DirecTv have combined into the largest cable operator in the US, it's time for marketing to push the synergies.  The latest offer is to current DirecTv customers to switch their cellular provider to AT&T Wireless for huge cost savings.  According to Multichannel, a customer could save $500 per line (A $300 credit to switch plus a $200 credit toward a new phone).  A family of four could find themselves saving $2,000 by switching. 

In another move, customers that are unable to purchase DirecTv, because of their apartment complex or inability to obtain the signal, could be eligible to order the NFL Sunday Ticket from AT&T.  Per FierceCable, "Live streaming Sunday Ticket packages start at $50 a month for four months and are accessible via computers, tablets, smartphones or connected devices (Xbox One/Xbox 360, Windows 10, Sony PS3/PS4, Roku and Chromecast)." WOW, a standalone NFL package; sign me up!

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