Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another Inane Commercial To Ponder

Where are the smart commercials, the ones that make you laugh or cry or just think, the ones that solve a real problem or create aspirations.  But what bugs me most are commercials that frankly don't make sense, where the solution is not sold by the action in the ad.

Another case in point, an ad for TD Bank.  While some of their ads have been done extremely well, this one makes no sense.  In it, the store owner tells us that he needs to make his daily end of day deposit.  First, that he would rather leave a possible sale to tend to his banking would never happen.  His business relies on customers that spend money and he is willing to end that relationship to make his day's deposit.  Second, that he is willing to risk life and limb jumping through a plate glass window, breaking a car windshield, run through street traffic, all to make his deposit before the bank closes.  But then he tells us that he is happy because the bank stays open later to accommodate him and his store hours.  WAIT!  You just risked your life to get to the bank in time and you didn't have to.  Sure, it is meant to be humorous but the premise is inane.  Ideally, the benefit of banking at TD Bank is that you didn't have to leave a customer early or risk your life to do your banking.  Shouldn't his story be illustrated by another store owner that faces the same challenge only to find their bank door locked, while he calmly closes his business and walks to the bank and is greeted warmly inside. Just sating.  If you haven't seen this ad, here it is:

What commercials do you find make no sense or  don't work for you?  Let me know.

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