Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Digital Marketing Trends

It is hard to disagree with the article in ClickZ entitled These 3 Digital Marketing Trends Are About to Change Advertising except to say that it already has.  The three trends cited are programmatic ad buying, real time marketing, and native advertising.  We live in a world of immediacy where information is value.  Our digital landscape has enabled us to not only buy and sell in real time, but to also know more about the consumer then ever before.  And the power of this demographic, psychographic, and sociographic information allows for a more targeted, more customized, more specific ad and marketing message. 

And as real purchase data gets migrated into all this big data, it will only grow more powerful too.  The question is will consumers remain apathetic to the acquiring of all this data through cookies and other means, or will they want to reclaim more of their privacy? Do consumers like that sites feed them display and video ads shortly after a search on best vacuum cleaners perhaps?  Or will they find it a bit unnerving.  Data and research are powerful tools that power programmatic advertising, real time marketing, and even native content marketing.  Its use makes the technological elements that much more useful and effective.  As to trends in the future to look for, my bet is on the rise of e-commerce purchases to future advertising. 

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