Friday, August 15, 2014

A Typical Day In The Internet Of Things

My morning starts as it usually does with my smartwatch gently buzzing my wrist.  I touch it just before my smartphone emits a later ring to remind me to rise.  As I head down the stairs and into the kitchen, I announce to my coffee maker, "start brew" as I walk to the door with today's trash to place it outside for pick up.  The door sensing my closeness, unlocks. Oh how I wish it would open automatically...maybe some day.  As I head to the curb, the door locks behind me, but not to worry; as I return, the door once again unlocks and allows me reentry.  As I enter, my smartwatch buzzes me with some breaking news.

With coffee in hand, I open my tablet to read my morning paper and catch up on any early emails.  It feels a little cool in the house, so I simply say "turn temperature up two degrees" and the HVAC system quickly begins to raise the thermometer setting in the house.  No matter, when everyone finally leaves this morning, the thermometer will automatically adjust to a preset higher temperature.

Its off to the gym.  As I enter my car, my smartwatch tells the car to engage the engine and off I go.  Driving along, I receive a text on my smartphone which is automatically moved to my car screen.  A quick glance and back to the road.  At the gym, I decide on a quick swim or jog today, either way, I can see my heart rate rise and count the distance I've traveled.   I'm also counting calories I've burned as well as eaten on this diet.  A quick bit at their snack bar, paid for with a swipe of my smartwatch over their payment machine.  After the gym, its off to work. 

A long day in the office finally brings me home.  In the car, I speak into my smartwatch to tell my home to cool down the house prior to my arrival.  The front door once again unlocks as I approach.  And as I enter, a preset radio begins to play.  But I am in the mood to watch some television.  "Radio off" I announce, then "TV on".  I follow that command with "Channel NBC" and watch the news.  The cable box knows it is me watching via my smartwatch proximity to the cable box.  Sitting on my couch, I speak "Oven on 450 degrees" as I start to consider making dinner.  The refrigerator counts that I have removed a steak and automatically adds to the grocery list on my apps.  I decide to buy more spices as well and command "grocery list add garlic powder".

As night approaches, I command "Turn down for bedtime".  The drapes in the living room close and the HVAC system changes the temperature for night.  A full day, but one made simpler with the internet of things. 

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