Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time Warner Says Its Content Is King

Time Warner, owner of HBO, CNN, TBS, TNT, Warner Bros. and more, sees its worth more than the huge sums being thrown at it by Fox.  It should come as no surprise that Time Warner is being pursued.  By streamlining themselves over the years, first by splitting off Time Warner Cable, itself up for sale by Comcast, and most recently its Time Inc group, Time Warner has turned itself into a video content pure play.  And while they have initially rejected the Fox and Rupert Murdoch offer, I believe this is more a negotiation process to get to a higher valuation.  As content is king, it demands  a premium price.  And if not Fox seeking to acquire, then perhaps CBS or Viacom or Liberty.  So let the dance begin, the end of Time Warner is approaching. 

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