Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Apple And IBM Becoming Friends

Back in 1984, Apple's Super Bowl commercial was clearly aimed at big business and its most present leader IBM.  Much has happened since then.  IBM sold off its PC business and put its emphasis into the corporate customer; Apple pursued the home customer with phones and tablets that have simply revolutionized the world.  And today, these once brand enemies are becoming partners.

Working together, Apple and IBM have forged a partnership to provide corporations with the devices and apps to improve productivity, manage communication, and drive revenue growth.  "The two companies said they hope to use the expertise of IBM's consultants and relationships with corporate customers to create business apps that offer the simplicity—a hallmark of Apple products—of today's consumer apps. The apps will draw on IBM computing services such as security, device management and big-data analytics."  The immediacy of these devices to support the business selling chain and to draw out improved data for analysis and response will surely be a game changer.  For one, it will lead to improved customer service, quicker managing of the order process, and a more secure experience.  Specifically how it will work will come soon.  "The companies said Apple and IBM engineers are together developing more than 100 new apps for various industries. "The companies said Apple and IBM engineers are together developing more than 100 new apps for various industries."  But it is a big step for Apple into the enterprise world and an opportunity for IBM to connect its services, through Apple devices, more effectively across industries. 

This partnership seems to be a win-win.  Where once they were rivals, now they are partners to an ever changing mobile landscape.  In the meantime, we will wait and see more specifically how they will put this partnership into action.  But should it prove effective, it certainly will produce another strong revenue stream. 

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