Monday, December 2, 2013

Amazon Might Want Drones Over US Post Service

Just a month after announcing its partnership with the US Postal Service for Sunday delivery, Amazon now would like to deliver your packages by drone service. During this Sunday's 60 minutes, CEO Jeff Bezos announced, "Prime Air, a futuristic delivery system that the company says will get packages into customers' hands in half an hour or less, delivered via unmanned aerial vehicles."  Will Star Trek transporter service be coming soon after?

While initially appealing, one wonders just how practical such a delivery concept it can be.  Certainly package size and weight matters as does location and assurance of delivery.   And what are the insurance implications if a drone fails and falls from the sky, let alone if the package drops.  Such a delivery mechanism may be some day, but it is hard to imagine it being used within the next decade.  I have more faith in the US Postal Service to deliver the goods. 

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