Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time Warner Cable Causing A Feeding Frenzy

It seems when you smell a wounded prey that the scroungers come to attack.  Once it became clear that Time Warner Cable could be picked apart, Comcast followed after Charter Cable and now here comes Cox Communications.  "The frenzy of deal interest comes as cable companies are trying to get bigger to deal with the industry's challenges, which include the rising costs of TV programming supplied by cable and broadcast networks." 

So who gets what pieces? Comcast would be happiest getting the New York demo and perhaps the Maine system, adding to its ownership of the Eastern corridor.  Charter would love to take California and some midwest systems.  And Cox might just love to own the Carolinas, Texas and Arizona.  Would Charter be open to taking a portion or perhaps they are ready to gobble up all of Time Warner Cable.  With Tom Rutledge , CEO of Charter at the helm, and a former Time Warner Cable executive, he has a pretty good idea what those systems offer and whether he is willing to share or not.  Either way, it continues to look like Time Warner Cable will be a footnote in cable history in a few short years. 

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