Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hulu Plus adds A New Distribution Outlet

While we all enjoy watching our favorite videos on our personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones, there is a reason why we buy big screen TVs.  We like to watch our shows on big devices, too.  In the competitive world of streaming subscription services, the easier it is to watch your shows across multiple devices, the better to market its value and ease of use.  As Hulu strikes out on its own, no longer being primed for acquisition, it has turned its attention to new ways to improve.  Thanks to a new partnership with Google and its Chromecast service, "Instead of watching video content from the online provider on an Android smartphone, tablet or Apple iPad, folks can shoot Hulu Plus to an HDTV."   

This kind of announcement is good news for both Chromecast and Hulu, making each a more valuable service to market to customers.  For Chromecast, it represents an important video partner to its stream.  For Hulu Plus, it puts them on equal footing with its competitor Netflix on the device.  But access alone is not enough of a reason; Hulu Plus also needs to keep pushing its exclusive content and library of available titles to keep growing its subscriber base.  Additional distribution platforms help but content remains king. 

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