Thursday, October 3, 2013

Amazon Adding More Original Streaming Content

Amazon knows that to keep its streaming customers happy, you must continue to grow your video content library.  Syndicated content is great, especially titles with high perceived value.  But the key to superiority is not just having the most content to stream, but also original exclusive content.  Netflix has done it quite well with House of Cards and Arrested Development and Amazon wants the same notoriety. 

And so Amazon has formally announced three new comedies for 2014 including Mozart in the Jungle, The Outlaws, and Transparent.  Also according to Deadline Hollywood, unofficially Amazon has a couple dramas for streaming.  They include Bosch and The After.  Competition for viewers away from the TV screen is only getting more intense. 

With the growth of more streaming shows, viewers will have to decide whether to watch broadcast, cable, or streaming shows.  The more choice open to them away from cable, the more consumers will question whether it is time to star cutting the cord.  Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and others are starting to make their inroads for greater share of market. 

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