Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sirius Stays Strong

Sirius continues to grow as both the economy and car sales are rebounding.  Almost 750,000 new subscribers joined Sirius for the latest quarter, bringing their total subscriber base to over 25 million customers.  In a word, impressive. "In comparison, Netflix ended the first quarter with 29.17 million U.S. subscribers, and cable giant Comcast reported 21.94 million video and 51.9 million total customers."

Can this trend continue?  Sirius thinks so and is raising their year end numbers to match this growth.  Given that some of this quarterly growth reflects customers signing on with free trials, Sirius must continue to push to convert and keep subscribers paying their monthly bills.  For customers unhappy with the current variety of content on terrestrial radio, Sirius does indeed provide a wide range of programming for all to enjoy. 

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