Monday, July 8, 2013

Job Posting: CEO of Barnes & Noble

It seems that the CEO seat was too hot for William Lynch who resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble.  "The board of directors tapped Michael Huseby as CEO of NOOK Media LLC and president of Barnes & Noble; Lynch’s title has not been filled, while the NOOK CEO post is newly created."  Why a CEO of Nook when they have scrapped the their tablet is questionable, but maybe to help with the plans to close the business.

What B&N needs is a leader that sees the potential that I believe B&N still possesses, a visionary to guide their business into the next generation of book seller and digital aggregator.  It will not be an easy road and success depends on building a brick and mortar business that adapts to a digital business while diversifying and managing a retail presence.  Others before them have failed;  Borders already with books, Tower Records and others with music.  But B&N still has a chance to defy those odds and stay a competitive threat.  Unfortunately, a change at the top was most likely necessary to start to adapt.  I wish them luck.

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