Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Digital Claims Another Print Publication

We must appear as a very impatient race.  We can no longer wait patiently for mail to arrive at our home, we  need our email delivered instantly.  The same holds true for news and other information.  Timely means instantaneous and print can never deliver the latest news.  In fact, when it is wrong, it demands a retraction that takes more time to appear and is usually hidden away in some corner.  In the world of digital, fast is efficient and changes can be updated on the fly.

So digital has claimed another victim.  In the entertainment world, the source for all info had been the print publication Variety.  "The 108-year-old entertainment trade magazine announced Tuesday that it will no longer publish a daily print edition as if it shifts more resources to digital."  In addition, its website,, will no longer require a subscription to view.  With its owners sister site offering similar information, it seems that Variety could not keep the current model working.  Hopefully a new streamlined model can continue to build on the Variety brand.

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