Friday, November 9, 2012

Comics Go Digital

Comic Magazines seem to me to be a lost art. As kids find more colorful comic on the web, the desire to regularly buy the latest print editions seem an activity for past generations.  Still, our comic book characters continue to perform extremely well on the big screen.  Just look at The Avengers, Iron Man, and The Dark Night as a few examples.

It is time for the content of comics to merge with the digital generation.  "DC Comics is making all of its periodical comic books, like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, available digitally through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple. With those companies all launching new tablets, DC clearly sees them as an important platform for reading comics."  Congratulations comic book fans.  Let's hope that DC takes advantage of the interactivity that also comes with digital.  At the same time, those stores still devoted to selling print copies better start to diversify their inventory to stay in business.

With the rise of more tables of different sizes into the hands of more consumers, comic content fits especially well. That tablets can do a terrific job of presenting this artwork in full rich colors can add a new appreciation to the material.  From zooming further into the picture to enhancing detail, the digital platform seems a real win for both consumers and DC.

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